Creating Your Video Library


We understand that you need to share content consistently with your network in order to stay top of mind. We work with you to create a library of video assets that can be distributed to your various target audiences over time across multiple channels.

Reflection Films can help you create or enhance your video marketing strategy in several ways:

Conduct an “audit” of your existing outreach plan.

We review the strategies you are currently using to stay in touch with your community (e.g., blogs, e-news, social media posts, events) in terms of the content and the frequency of communication.

Recommend ways to integrate video on a regular basis into your content.

Based upon what we learn about your target audiences and your goals, we propose a plan for video creation that can involve a do-it-yourself approach, a professional approach, or a hybrid approach, depending upon what’s the best fit for you.

Map out a production and distribution plan for your communications calendar.

We take into consideration special events or campaigns that may already be underway or are in the planning stages.

At the end of the process, your calendar gives you a clear roadmap for your video marketing strategy.