March 3, 2011 \ Geoff Birmingham
10 Documentaries Worth Seeing, Part II

Here’s a sequel to an earlier post on documentaries worth seeing.  I came up with another ten.

Grizzly Man – man living among bears in Alaska

Spellbound – smart kids competing fiercely in a spelling bee

Crumb – underground comic artist, Robert Crumb

Murderball – quadriplegics competing in wheelchair rugby.  Intense!

Rivers and Tides – the nature-installation artist Andy Goldsworthy.  Contemplative!

Roger and Me – Michael Moore chasing the CEO of GM

Buena Vista Social Club – lots of traditional Cuban music

Winged Migration – migrating birds (best seen on a big screen)

War Dance – children from Ugandan war zone in a dance and music competition

Jesus Camp – children spending their summers following Christ.