December 23, 2010 \ Geoff Birmingham
10 Documentaries Worth Seeing

I’m rather bad at remembering much beyond what happened yesterday.  Recently, I was trying to remember that “really great mountain movie with the British guys.”  With a little Googling, my memory was jogged and I realized it was Touching the Void.

For the heck of it, I did a little exercise and made a list of some of the other documentaries we’ve found very worthwhile.  Rather than overwhelm folks with all of them at once, I list here just ten, with more to follow at some point.  Must-see films are starred (just my opinion). Feel free to share your own favorites, of course.

Touching the Void –  heart-stopping mountain expedition
*Southern Comfort –  a moving story of a transgendered man in Georgia struggling with ovarian cancer
Lalee’s Kin –  poverty in Mississippi
Brother’s Keeper –  a murder in upstate New York
When We Were Kings –  1974 championship bout between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman
Man on Wire –  hire-wire walk between NYCs twin towers
The King of Kong –  guys with a video game obsession.  Obsessed.
*Hoop Dreams –  a high-schooler with NBA aspirations
Thin Blue Line –  an innocent man on death row
Gimme Shelter –  the Rolling Stones on tour