September 16, 2015 \ Rachel Jellinek
10 Fundamentals of a Creative Video Strategy for Nonprofits, Part 3

creative video strategyA couple weeks back, I posted on video strategy for nonprofits, reflecting on the first three fundamentals, out of ten, shared by YouTube’s Jason Djang. Last week, I reviewed another four of his suggestions, #4-7.  And here I look #8-10.  Jason emphasized that not all of the ten fundamentals must be followed. They are simply strategies to keep in mind.

8) Accessibility – Is each video a stand-alone piece of content?

His point here is simple: avoid making videos that rely on earlier content to be understood. In other words, can your viewer watch your video and get it without having to see something that came before? Can every episode be appreciated by a brand new viewer?

Still on the subject of accessibility (though I must admit, not totally related), see this post on creating accessible web content for the blind that Geoff did last spring.

9) Collaboration – Does your video have room for a guest star?

Digital marketers are always trying to feed off each other’s audiences. The best example is perhaps guest bloggers who use the host blog to reach out to a new audience. But this can also go in reverse. Can you invite someone of influence to be in your video and, as a result, draw on their followers or connect with their community?

10) Inspirational – Is this idea from a genuine place of passion?

In our conversations with nonprofits, we’re always trying to figure out with them the best ways to communicate the passion they have for their cause. Now and then, all of us will be guilty of sharing content – whether it’s a video, blog or Facebook update – that’s less about passion and more about promotion.

But since creating a video requires a little more effort than posting a tweet, it makes sense that the main messages you deliver in your video are ones that are really important to you.