July 9, 2015 \ Emma Freter
Board Member Attributes: What to Look for When Recruiting

Today we continue the conversation concerning non-profit board members. This week, Abbie Von Schlegell, founder of a. von schlegell & co. talks to Rachel about the kind of characteristics you want to look for while in the process of selecting a new board member for your non-profit. This process is always nerve-racking and feels like a daunting task, but Abbie is able to break it down into bite-size, manageable pieces to keep in mind while knee-deep in this endeavor.

Rachel: What are some of the attributes that people should be focusing on when they’re trying to recruit board members?

Abbie: First and foremost, someone’s interest in the organization and the purpose of the organization.

  • Have they already had a commitment to that subject?
  • Have they already had a commitment to that service or that sector?

That’s the first thing.

You also have to be practical in today’s world.

  • Are they in a position to make annual, regular gifts to the organization? Because that’s a critical piece.
  • And are they willing to help encourage other people to support the organization?
  • Can they bring other people to the table?
  • Will they help the organization to meet other influential people who can help the organization to move forward?

People support what they help to create. It’s theirs, it belongs to them and they will want to make it be successful and grow even more.