December 9, 2014 \ Geoff Birmingham
Building Educated Leaders for Life

We recently completed a video project for Building Educated Leaders for Life (BELL). The project was an interesting one because the folks at BELL wanted to get across what BELL does, but keep it short and punchy. So it wasn’t a mini-portrait or short documentary-style piece that many of our clients want, but it also wasn’t a typical commercial. Instead, it was a hybrid.

Rachel was the producer for the video, and she conducted interviews with kids and staff in the way you would with a documentary-style piece: asking questions and eliciting answers in a fairly conversational kind of way. At the same time, BELL’s communication director, Michael, was asking each person to deliver very short lines (having the scholars say, “I am the future,” for example).

In addition to the footage that we captured, we also incorporated footage that the BELL scholars themselves shot using GoPro cameras.  A truly collaborative process!

We think the end result works rather well…and the music is nifty.