February 18, 2016 \ Rachel Jellinek
Email Marketing Tips for Promoting Your Event

Charity Walk

I recently attended a presentation by Suzan Czajkowski, who shared some best practices when using email marketing to promote fundraising events.


Email marketing is about keeping things simple and clear for your readers.  When sending out invitation and registration emails, make sure that the sign-up link is the most obvious content.  It should be above the scroll line.


66% of email is read on a mobile device, so one picture/video, 3 lines of text, and a call-to-action hyperlink is all you need


When sending out a reminder email to reconfirm registration, be sure to include information about the check-in process, where to park, what to bring, and whom to contact if you have any problems.


Note if the event is full or if there is a waitlist.  As much as you want people to help you promote the event, it is awkward if they try to be ambassadors for your organization and recruit more people to come, only to discover that the event is already at capacity.  Also, if they have registered that they are coming but then learn that they have a conflict in their schedule, they can let you know so that you can free up the space for someone else.


During your event, post to social media and invite your attendees to do the same. Give them the heads up that you will be in touch with them after the event.

Follow up

In your follow-up email, thank attendees, ask them to participate in your feedback survey, and stress again the call-to-action of the event. Invite them to comment about the event and spread the word about your CTA as well!


Photo: James Petts