August 1, 2011 \ Geoff Birmingham
Evaluating Your Online Video Analytics

In this 75-second video, Rachel shares a couple of thoughts on why it’s valuable to understand your audience’s engagement with your online video, which can be easily measured if you have solid video analytics.


So understandably, folks want to have their marketing, fundraising and sometimes even their training video up on their websites.  There are a variety of hosting options out there; we’ve selected Wistia. Among other things, Wistia can tell you:

1. The number of visits to the page where your video resides;

2. The percent of visitors who watched your video;

3. How much they watched;

4. And what specific parts they watched versus those they chose to skip over.

So all of this is very valuable and helpful information.  For example, if folks are cutting out after only watching 30 seconds of the video, then maybe that’s an indication that you either need to move your call to action up earlier, or you need to make your video more engaging earlier on.  If you discover that people are not even visiting the page where you have video, then perhaps that means that you need to move the video to a more popular page.

Basically, with any marketing efforts there’s some guesswork initially, then you measure to see if it’s effective and you test it to see if there are ways to improve your efforts.  Having solid analytics behind your online video efforts is important and very helpful.