January 15, 2015 \ Emma Freter
Our first #ThrowbackThursday

EGFphoto Hello everyone! My name is Emma and I am the newest member of the team here at Reflection Films! Seeing as this is my first blog post, I wanted to take the opportunity to post a picture for “Throwback Thursday” (aka #tbt). Today, I am taking you back a few months to warmer weather. I took this photo on one of my first days working for Reflection Films. On this particularly beautiful day, we were filming for EXPLO at Wellesley College campus. We were running around the campus interviewing as many faculty and students as time would allow. While it was tiring, the excitement of the students definitely kept my energy up.


I have been to a few summer programs myself, but EXPLO was like nothing I had seen before. Every student we talked to was overjoyed with their time at EXPLO. From their classes to their new friends, the kids couldn’t stop talking about their amazing experience. However, what really struck me was the level of comfort every student expressed. These students are all in middle school, which for me was the most awkward time of my life! It was surprising and encouraging to hear how happy these students are in their own skin. Needless to say, this was a great way to kick-off my time with Reflection Films!