June 13, 2012 \ Geoff Birmingham
Getting in and out of bed, post-surgery

Meryl Bralower is friend of a friend and a two-time cancer survivor. Part of her medical treatment involved surgery, and, not surprisingly, recovery from that was painful. Getting in and out of bed was particularly difficult, but she came across a very simple technique to make it easier.

She did some sleuthing on YouTube and elsewhere to see if it was something that other people mentioned or demonstrated, and she couldn’t find anyone else sharing the idea. So she decided to create a short video to demonstrate the technique, and we agreed to help out.

Because she feels that many people don’t know about this, Meryl is keen that her video be distributed as much as possible. In particular, she would like doctors and nurses to share the video with their patients. So if you know people like that, definitely pass it along!