December 12, 2018 \ Rachel Jellinek
International Institute of New England (IINE) Golden Door Award Tribute Video

It is with great joy that we learned that the International Institute of New England (IINE)  recently raised over $1 million at its Golden Door Awards event honoring MIT President Dr. L. Rafael Reif.  We had the pleasure of creating a tribute video in his honor.


In my opinion, one excerpt from Dr. Reif’s speech perfectly sums up the value that immigrants bring to our community:

In a nation like ours, immigration is a kind of oxygen, each fresh wave reenergizing the body as a whole. As a society, when we offer to immigrants the gift of opportunity, we receive in return vital fuel for our shared future.

For Dr. Reif’s complete remarks, please click here.

Please stay tuned for a second video we will be creating in celebration of IINE’s 100 years of welcoming new Americans!