February 17, 2015 \ Geoff Birmingham
Interpersonal Productivity

Here in the Northeast, we’ve experienced, to put it mildly, a loss in productivity. In this interview with Lou Bergholz from Edgework Consulting, he talks about interpersonal productivity. Yes, the connection between loss of productivity due to bad weather and working more strongly together as a team is perhaps a bit tenuous, but better teams can make up for all the snow that’s been getting in the way!

What I really like about the information that Lou shares is that he stresses the importance of thinking how our behaviors at work influence the productivity of our colleagues. It goes beyond, of course, being nice and cooperative with fellow workers. He gives an example of email being a source of possible trouble for productivity, which I can easily imagine for people who are receiving them by the hundreds every day.

When you think about how you are engaging with your colleagues, are your habits unintentionally interfering with the productivity of others on your team?  This will definitely be a topic of discussion at our next staff meeting.