March 2, 2012 \ Geoff Birmingham
Video Production: Less is more and storyboarding

The success of video production lies mostly with the skill of the producer, but client collaboration is often a very important factor that affects the outcome. This is because you can rarely hire a video production company and then just set them on their merry way to make your video – the client usually needs to participate in the process to ensure the right messaging, help coordinate logistics, act as a liaison between the producer and folks in the organization, etc.

So this is the first of a series of four videos that highlight key points in the video production process and the client’s role. This first one outlines a few ideas on containing your message to its essential elements and using a storyboard as a tool to accomplish this goal.

Even if that’s not of interest, you might want to have a look to really appreciate Rachel’s drawing of her cat, Yoshi.