October 15, 2015 \ Emma Freter
Location, Part 1: Tips for Filming Outdoors

We tend to receive many question regarding whether or not to film outdoors or indoors. So we decided to make a few videos around on this topic to provide some tips for your convenience! Here is Part 1 of 2 videos in our Location Series.

Rachel: When filming a video with interviews, one of your biggest decisions you have to make is where to film: outside or inside.

Being outdoors is great: who doesn’t love fresh air?? But the main reason why we recommend avoiding filming outdoors is that many more things that just aren’t in your control, which can lead to possible headaches.

Number 1 is noise. The main culprit is almost always traffic. So a spot like this might not be so great. So do your best to find a spot a good distance from any busy roads. If there is a road nearby, and an occasional car passes, it’s no big deal – it just might mean a few interruptions here or there and then you might need to restart things. One thing to keep in mind though is the more frequent the interruptions, of course, the longer everything will take.

Number 2 is the weather. We’re not able to control the weather… yet… Until that time, if you choose to record outdoors, there’s always the risk that it might start raining cats and dogs. A lovely, sunny day is definitely better than rain, but it’s a good idea to avoid filming at high noon because that’s when the sun can be very harsh on the eyes.

Please click on this link to an earlier post of ours on the filming outdoors with lots of sun. So those are just a few tips we wanted to share on filming outdoors. In our next video, we’ll share some tips on filming indoors.