August 18, 2016 \ Emma Freter
Measuring Donor Impact: Why should I give again?

Why should I give again? A phrase that runs through a lot of donor’s minds when asked to give again and again and again. What we’re really asking is “What impact does my dollar have?

Key word: IMPACT! That’s what we need to hear about. It’s the results we want to see. But it’s not easy to show results of donor impact. Collecting proper data is difficult and can run up a hefty price tag. Especially in the healthcare field, research is slow-going. There is no “Fast Pass” to a break through. It takes a long time and it’s expensive. Therefore it can be difficult to show how far someone’s dollar goes.

The ALS Association, however, is setting a new precedent. Recently, this organization released a public announcement that showed how the Ice Bucket Challenge donations made a real splash in ALS research (pun intended).

Two years ago, the Ice Bucket Challenge stormed our social media pages. Nomination after nomination were called out and donations streamed in to help support this association to find a cure.

And guess what, we made a difference! The ALS Association released an article about the impact the Ice Bucket Challenge and the groundbreaking research due to the donations. Here’s a snazzy graph they created to help break down where and how the money was used.

Image from

Image from

How cool is this? It’s so great! Think about the donor base this organization reached. The Ice Bucket Challenge caught the attention of young adults, people who rarely give and people who had no clue about the ALS Association. I participated in this campaign and I love that they’re showing me the results of my participation. This makes me want to continue.

Most nonprofits are trying to show their impact, but ALSA’s nod to its supporters is a good reminder that making your donors feel good about themselves is only going to lead to more support.