May 18, 2016 \ Rachel Jellinek
Music & Memory Fundraising Video

Usually we don’t feature our client work in our blogs, but we really wanted to bring your attention to this video for Music & Memory, because it relates to something that we are all going to be touched by, if we aren’t already, and that is aging family members (and our own aging too).

The clip above is an excerpt from the final two minutes of the film, just to give you a taste.

Music & Memory is an incredible organization that, through the creation of personalized music playlists,  enables those struggling with Alzheimer’s, dementia and other cognitive and physical challenges to reconnect with the world through music-triggered memories.  We were lucky enough to work with Music and Memory, helping them create a fundraising video and a series of testimonials as well.

The hope is that we all will grow old someday and find ourselves in good health, clear-headed, and connected to those around us. But the sad fact is that it doesn’t happen for all of us. Our hats are off to Music & Memory for creating and spreading a model that incorporates the beauty and power of music to enrich the lives of seniors with physical and cognitive challenges, helping them reconnect with the world.  In advance of my old age, I already have some playlist songs in mind for myself…I’m keeping a running list!