September 3, 2015 \ Emma Freter
Recycled Content

Labor Day weekend is upon us, which means barbecues galore! And with barbecues means leftovers– yum! You would never let Grandma’s baked beans go to waste, would you? Of course not! If you have leftover footage from your last video, would you let that go to waste?

Many people do not realize the potential their existing content has to offer. Today Rachel discusses how to effectively use recycled and extended content so that those tasty leftovers don’t get thrown away.

Rachel: Let’s say you have an overview video that is working out really well for your organization. So you don’t need a new video, but you want to keep your organization top of mind.

What can you do?

Reuse content!

If you created a 5 minute overview video, you may have up to 3 hours of interview footage! Skim through the transcripts – you just might find some golden nuggets that can be used this time around. And then, those can be edited into short clips that can be sent out through multiple outlets LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, email, blog– lots of choices.

If you are thinking about a new video, pre-production is a great time to be deliberate about creating opportunities to extend content.

Get material for your new video, and then some extra. This footage can be used for other marketing purposes.

Let’s say you’re interviewing someone about her experience as a volunteer, get an extra sound bite that can be used for volunteer recruitment. Let’s say you’re interviewing a donor, perhaps you can ask him to invite viewers to an upcoming event that you’re having.

When using recycled or extended content, the clips do not need to be long. The main objective is to deliver content consistently to your audience to build awareness of who you are and to strengthen the connection to your cause.