December 17, 2015 \ Emma Freter
The Secret Sauce for Success

You can watch this video for one of two reasons: 1) to hear Rachel muse about how organizations differentiate themselves; or 2) answer the question Why the heck is she dressed up like Julia Child?

Rachel: We’ve entered the holiday zone and I’m just whipping up some of my famous Indian pudding for the office party. This is also the time to reflect on the past year.

We here at Reflection Films like to think that running a successful small business is a lot like preparing this yummy dessert – it’s about having the right ingredients, mixed in the correct proportions.

Those right ingredients might be staying on budget, meeting deadlines, thinking creatively, and working collaboratively.

However, lots of other folks are doing those things too. So how can you stand out?

The secret is in the sauce.

Well, here’s some food for thought. Ask yourself: What makes you special or unique?

Maybe you remember your clients’ birthdays. Maybe you bring freshly baked cookies to every meetings with them.

This secret sauce doesn’t need to be big or necessarily a material item. However it needs to be authentic. It’s that little something-something that gives your organization a unique stamp and encourages folks to come back to you. It’s the cherry-on-top of the other great services you already provide.

If you’re curious to know what our secret sauce is, check out the second irresistible video in this post and see if you can guess. The proof is on the pudding.