July 7, 2017 \ Rachel Jellinek
Three Tips on Immersive Video Storytelling

Liberty MutualHave you been considering dipping your toes in the water of 360 videos? I recently attended a presentation on this topic by Jenna Lebel, Head of Digital Marketing at Liberty Mutual Insurance.

Here are three great tips that I learned from her experience:

  • It often takes the viewer 5-10 seconds to get oriented to using the 360 degree view, so make sure that you wait until 15-20 seconds in for your action to start.
  • Sound is an important element that enhances the audience experience and guides the viewer to look around, so use it strategically.
  • When looking around, people often start off with a downward view, so make sure that there is something visually interesting for folks to see. In the following link, “Liberty Mutual Presents a 360 Degree Quiz: Roadside Dilemma,” you will see that Liberty Mutual has its logo artfully designed in snow at the ground level view.

Although Jenna’s presentation focused on their company’s experience experimenting with 360 videos, she emphasized that it ultimately is just a tactic. She emphasized that her first priority is to focus on “What is our objective?” Her second step is to determine “What is the story we want to tell?” Lastly, she thinks about the techniques or tactics to use to share the story.