July 21, 2015 \ Emma Freter
Whaddya want? A vendor or a partner?

“Vendor” isn’t necessarily a bad word, but Rachel’s not crazy about it. She explains why in this video.


Rachel: There are some words that make me cringe when I hear them. Phlegm is number one on that list but not too far down from that is the word, vendor.

Vendor…blechhhh. I have a visceral reaction to hearing it, and unfortunately I hear it a lot.

Here’s why I don’t it:

To me, it suggests the delivery of a product or service in a strictly transactional way that is very impersonal. On the buyer’s side, there may be shopping around to see who will offer the lowest price. There is only an investment in the product or service, not in building a relationship.

On the seller’s side, there is a fear of being squeezed on price or on being under-bid by someone else. The worry about competition, work volume, and cash flow can cause you to undervalue yourself.

Don’t get me wrong: sometimes a straight business transaction makes sense and is best for both parties involved, but we don’t feel like this applies when you’re talking about the delivery of video production services. The relationship between you and your video producer should be a partnership. Your video producer is an extension of your marketing, fundraising, and communications team.

You and the producer should be “united as one.” Both of you have the same goal: to tell your story, inspire your audience, and help your organization have a greater impact.

Vendor? Schmendor. Partner? Smartner!