January 5, 2017 \ Geoff Birmingham
A video to make you smile

We’re now entering the fourth year of creating our “Smiles” videos. Above is Smiles 2016.

We have a lot of fondness for the folks we work with, often because they are a great deal of fun. So it’s not hard to go back through a year’s footage and find plenty of nice moments to splice together and create a happy, joyful montage. Previous versions were 2015, 2014, and 2010. We hope this will make you smile!

I would also like to acknowledge the older gentleman in the suit, who is sitting in the armchair, towards the end of the video – Arthur Obermayer. Arthur passed away at the beginning of 2016. He was a lovely gentleman whom we enjoyed meeting. He started the Obermayer Foundation which, among other things, honors Germans who work to preserve Jewish history in Germany.  It was interesting to hear the stories he shared.