March 17, 2011 \ Geoff Birmingham
Video Production Requires Flexibility

Donor to Clark University's Strassler CenterBeing flexible is often the name of the game in video production.  Sometimes it’s adapting to a situation that changes unexpectedly; other times it’s adapting to a situation that cannot be changed.

Reflection Films encountered the latter on a film shoot in New York yesterday.  We had the pleasure of interviewing a donor who has given generously to a research center at Clark University.  She was delightful to talk to and shared plenty of stories.  Due to her frail health and age, she was unable to move from her favorite chair in her apartment, and, for various reasons, we were unable to do much to “prep” the set.

Ultimately, though, these limitations didn’t matter – this project is about honoring her contributions and using her voice in a fundraising video rather than creating a glossy tribute.  So we adjusted.  We interviewed her and shot b-roll of her in her chair.

She was happy.  Our client was happy.  We were happy.