Training for Employees

How do you conduct training at your organization?  Perhaps you bring in a consultant, give employees a manual to review, or have them observe colleagues through “job shadowing.”

The challenge with some of these common approaches is that time and energy may be lost in the process.

  • You hire a trainer to come in and deliver a presentation to your staff, but what if there are multiple absences that day due to illness or travel?
  • You send your employees offsite to attend a training, but how much is that costing you if you include the price of lost productivity due to your staff being out and unavailable to provide service to your clients?
  • You have your employees shadow a seasoned colleague to learn key skills and techniques, but what happens when that person leaves the company?

If you are like many, your goal is to offer engaging content with a consistent message, so you can be confident everyone in your organization is getting the same information.  Video is not only a useful tool to communicate your company’s overall mission and culture, but you can also tailor it to address the needs of specific departments or roles within your organization.

Training for Customers

Could your customers benefit from a “how-to” guide?  Could your employees be using their time more productively than on the phone answering frequently asked questions from confused customers?  Do you have clients who need the training you offer in order to maintain their license or certification?  Could you expand your market share by selling your expertise on the Web?  Online video can be a powerful and entertaining educational tool, extending your customer service to current clients as well as help you find new clients too.

Video provides value:

  • Whether your training is on site or online
  • Whether you use it in conjunction with a guest speaker or it stands alone
  • Whether you need to train your staff or provide training for your clients.

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