May 5, 2011 \ Geoff Birmingham
YouTube Optimization, part 2

So I mentioned last week that my partner and I have decided to use YouTube more for our company’s marketing.  Step one is identifying keywords to optimize the video on YouTube.  So here are a few more ideas gleaned from Jarboe and other sources that we intend to try for getting our videos found on YouTube.

When using your keywords for optimizing video on YouTube, the order of importance is:

• Using keywords in titles

• Then in descriptions

• Then in tags

A few other tips for optimizing:

• A title with a longer search term is probably going to help you get found more readily than a shorter one (i.e. “German sports car” rather than “sports car” only)

• If you include your brand name in your title, place it last.

Start the description with a URL (that has the http:// at the beginning) that links to an appropriate site, mostly likely your website.

• It’s a bit unclear exactly how many characters are allowed for descriptions, but it appears to be 5000. With that in mind, write up descriptions that are as detailed as possible.

With tags, include your brand and city in addition to topics.

• And the trickiest part: try to upload videos on a regular basis to build views and subscribers.  If you are uploading multiple videos, it’s better to spread out the uploads rather than in batches.