January 29, 2021 \ Geoff Birmingham
Smiles 2020

Last year was lousy, and the beginning of this year hasn’t been a lot better. Still, mixed in with all the difficulties, there have been moments of joy.

In 2010, on a whim we created our first “Smiles” video – a short montage of happy faces, compiled from a year’s worth of footage. It’s been an annual post for the last few years (see below for videos from past years).

If you need a little shot of happiness, we’re pretty confident one of these will do the trick.

Important note:

Some might ask, “What’s up with all the maskless faces in the middle of COVID-19?” This is a very reasonable question. A fair number of the faces were filmed before the pandemic. For the productions that occurred during the pandemic, you’ll see shots from virtual recordings. For the in-person productions, everyone wore masks, kept a social distance, and our filming subjects only removed their masks for the short periods of time when they were on camera.

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