January 13, 2022 \ Geoff Birmingham
Smiles 2021


2021 felt like something of an extension of 2020. Happiness can take a hit or two, but it always survives. Our clients last year gave us plenty of joy, and this is a tribute to them. These Smiles videos started a few years ago and, for us at least, we can’t help smiling when we watch them. Hopefully it’s the same for you!

Important note:

In last year’s version, I spoke to the question that I’m sure some might have otherwise asked: “There certainly are a lot of unmasked people in this video. How did you manage that?”  I’ll address this question again, because it still applies this year, of course. The answer: Everyone wears a mask during filming. Interviewees only take them off when they sit down in the chair, and the rest of us remained masked and at a social distance.

Past Smiles:

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