January 24, 2023 \ Geoff Birmingham
Smiles 2022


For any of you who have viewed past versions of our Smiles Video, you may remember the story of its origin, but I’ll repeat it anyway for those who don’t know it.

In December of 2010, I was doing some archival clean-up with our video files. I came across lots of smiling, happy faces from the various clients we’d had throughout 2010. So I put together a montage. Even though it was a lot of fun and folks liked it, I didn’t do it again until 2014 for some reason, but it’s been a tradition of sorts since then.

Above is this year’s version, the 10th. Thanks to Alec Pombriant for composing the music!

Past Smiles:

And here, from the beginning, are the other nine years of smiles. I have my favorite, what’s yours?

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